How to sharpen your nose is proven effective and safety and effective

Some people feel disappointed with the shape of the nose they have right now, so they do various ways to get the desired shape of the nose. the operation became an escape for some people who really wanted a sharp nose. If you are one of them, it's a good idea to recognize effective and safety nose-brushing methods to do.

In the process of pregnancy the nose will continue to develop. But the development of the nose in women stops at the age of 15-17 years in general, while the development of male nose stops at the age of 17-19 years in general. One of the things that determines the shape of one's nose is genetic or hereditary factors.

Various ways to cut your nose

Some people believe that pinching the nose can make it more sharp. Therefore, until now there have been no studies that confirm that this action is a method of sharpening the nose that has proven effective. It is actually feared that it will cause injury to the nose and cause other problems.

To get a sharp nose in a safe way, there are several medical procedures that you can take, including:

Filler injections

To get your dream nose, do filler injections, some people admire injecting filters can make faces and so on good. Injectable filters are medical procedures that are quite popular among women to support aesthetics or beauty. In general, fillers are used to handle a variety of complaints that occur around the face, such as wrinkles or thin lips and so on. You need to know this action also includes how to sharpen the nose which is quite effective. Therefore to sharpen the nose, this method is done by injecting special chemicals on the nose. Different types of fillers that can be used, ranging from temporary fillers, synthetic fillers, semipermanent fillers, to permanent fillers.


Rhinoplasty, which is one of the surgical procedures that is often performed to treat problems in the shape of the nose, including how to sharpen the nose. In general, the rhinoplasty procedure is divided in two, is cosmetic rhinoplasty to beautify the nose shape and functional rhinoplasty to tidy up the annoying nose structure. This procedure can be done through cutting the skin around the nose or making a small incision in the nostrils. This surgery can take 1 - 3.5 hours or more and less. To recover completely after surgery, patients generally need a recovery time of at least two weeks or more and less.


Septoplasty is used to help straighten or smooth the shape of the nose which is considered to be less ideal. This method is done by changing the position of the dividing wall (septum) between the two channels in the nose. For certain conditions, changing the position of the nasal septum, will make the nose appear more symmetrical and sharp. In addition, a septoplasty can also help relieve a blocked airway due to certain conditions. Some of the risks of the action of septoplasty include bleeding, infection due to anesthetic effects, decreased ability of the nose to smell, and numb sensation in the upper teeth and gums.

Do not carelessly use the nose. Perform a safe procedure to make sure you burn it. To avoid the risk of being fatal and dangerous, make sure you have consulted a doctor first before taking any action to sharpen your nose.